About My Ceramics
Two Houses Mug
Sauce-Dishes, "Things you find on the ground in Hamtramck"
Mug with House on Holbrook near St. Florian
Mug, with 'Hassan's House, V2" at Goodson and Gallagher
Mug with Hassan's House (at Gallagher and Goodson)
Items from Hamtramck Stores III
Plate with House on Mitchell between Evaline and Holbrook
Mug with 'Cafe 1923 Coffeeshop'
Mug, with house at Goodson and Gallahger
Shopper's World Plate
Sauce-Dish, 'No Left on Campau' version 2
Mug, with a weird pink house on Caniff near Klinger (as seen from the alley)
Hamtramck Garbage Cans
Mug, with the corner of Lumpkin and Norwalk, and Portage Garage Sign
Come Visit Beautiful Hamtramck
Come Visit Beautiful Hamtramck, variation II
Mug, 'Small's Bar,' on the corner of Caniff and Conant
Sauce-Dish with Old Park-N-Save Sign (at Caniff and McDougal)
Two bisqued Hamtramck House mugs ready to be glazed
Half-Handle Mug with Pink and White House
Tumbler with Klinger and Casmere House
Hamtramck Alley with Scarecrow Plate
Plate with Augmented Garage
Items at Hamtramck Store Counters
Tumbler with Kelly's Bar
Stop One Party Store at Charest and Carpenter
Tumbler with Casmere and Mitchell House
Wig Mannequins from Kim's Beauty Supply Window
Items from the Party Store II
Dollar-Store Window Display Mug
Dudek Warehouse at Gallagher and Caniff
Slip-Covered Plate with 2759 Holbrook
2759 Holbrook Mug
Mug with House near Carpenter and Neibel
Mug, with Flophouse and Red Caboose Liquor Store at Holbrook and Brombach
Square Plate with Carpenter and Neibel House
White Platter with 2759 Holbrook
Mug with Pope Park (inside) and Carpenter House (outside)
Poland Steet Family Fire
Mug, with house on corner of Poland and Lumpkin
Mug with 2749 Poland Street
Planters with Saucers, 'Utility Pole Series'
Plate with 2749 Poland St.
Bowl with Hassan's House (Gallagher and Goodson)
Chop Suey Mug
Stop One Party Store at Carpenter and Charest
King Video and Park-N-Save Signs
Plate with White House on Yemans and Bromback
Mug,  'Favorite Pink/Green house on Carpenter near Klinger'
St. Florian Mug
Mug, with 'my favorite white house,' on Trowbridge (but the view's from Caniff)
Chop Suey Platter
Chop Suey Mug
Majolica Wig-Mannequins Mug
Shananigan's Food and Spirits Mug
Green and White Hamtramck Bowl
Ice Cream Truck Plate
Trowbridge Houses from the Alley Behind Caniff
Geimer House Tumbler
Yellow House and Garage Tumbler
Geimer St. House from the Alley
Half-Handle Mug With Casmere House
Mug, with house on the corner of Yemans and Brombach
Mug, with crazy multi-satellite Goodson House
Tumbler with Stop One Party Store at Carpenter and Charest
Square Plate with Green House
Shopper's World Square Dish
Mug, with 'Hassan's House' and poles
Mug, with house from corner of Sobieski and Commor
Double Mug with Hassan's House and my Holbrook House
Playing around with matte magnets
Burk's Igloo Tumbler
Burks Igloo Dish
Little Yellow House at Casmere and Klinger
Plate with House at 2478 Holbrook from the Alley
Mug with Two Houses
Hamtramck Bowl
Wood Magnet.jpg
Sauce-Dish 'No Left Turn on Campau'
Premade variation III
Kowalski Bowl
Army Men Bowl
Sauce-Dish, 'Do Not Enter'
Bowl, with street-signs and a phone booth
Mug, with street things
Mug, with ice cream truck and crazy Goodson/Lumpkin house
Cup, with Barberella's Salon and utility poles
Cup; with car, poles and generic H'Town house
Rousseau Mug
Molded Hamtramck Mug
Shallow Hamtramck Bowls
Mayan Mug
Tile Commission for Art Deco House
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